Abbie Smith
MSc (Hons) AM, MAA, BSc

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07749 963006


1 East View, Dacre Banks, Harrogate, HG3 4EQ


My main intention, which I'm sure will shadow yours is to ensure our animals are as healthy, comfortable and happy as they possibly can be, and for the competitive ones amongst us, as successful as possible also!


Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden your animal is behaving differently or being difficult to handle or ride? It may be that your animal is experiencing discomfort. Animals, like humans, experience back pain and musculoskeletal problems due to everyday activities and competition. Due to their good nature, they will try to work through any discomfort but this is not always possible. As problems deteriorate, animals compensate by moving differently and this may result in injury. They are unable to do anything about it themselves, which is why, as owners, it is so important to try to read the signs.


As in all instances, prevention is better than the cure. I'm not sure how many of you have routine visits to the chiropractor yourselves but I certainly do and feel like a spring chicken afterwards! Our animals don't have the luxury of this choice for themselves but I've seen the evidence by increased happiness, co-operation, comfort and competitive success following treatment. I've also had reports of disbelief from their very happy owners when their animals suddenly get a second lease of life, in some instances where they didn't even realise there was a problem.


If you would like any further information about the specific treatment please do visit the McTimoney association website at . Alternatively feel free to give me a call to discuss your horse or dog and anything I may be able to do to help.