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I first used Abbie when I got my new horse. He had been turned away for 9 months due to a tendon injury and it was time to get him back into work. I used Abbie from a recommendation from a friend and I can certainly say that it was the best recommendation I have had. Abbie was great at explaining what she was doing and where there were issues with my horse's spine, and back. I found her manner both professional and friendly, and was kept fully informed. I was even given homework to do in order to help my horse build up his muscles and support his back better!! I can certainly say that I would use Abbie time and time again, and have recommended her further to others on my yard along with friends within the equestrian industry.

Joe Billingham & Jackson


A big thank you to Abbie for all the work she put into my horse Nuala... What a difference it made ;) We look forward to seeing you again for her follow-up treatment.

Catherine Reynolds & Nuala


Hi Abbie, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yet another fantastic & thorough treatment that you gave Lacei on Saturday. She seems so much better. I'm going to keep going with the massage that you showed us.
Thanks so much

Heather & Lacei, Boston Terrier


" Back in December my Highland Pony Jack, who does local dressage and showing, was just not feeling 'right'. He wasn't obviously lame but he was not bending easily or picking up his left canter lead correctly, and that was always his easier rein, also he was falling out badly. He felt wrong in the shoulder somehow. I thought he may have tweaked something when he had escaped from the field in November and possibly slipped down a banking.

I had heard good reports of the McTimoney technique so I asked Abbie to come and assess Jack. She came out and examined him and advised that his pelvis was dropped to the left. As a result of this, he was working too hard through his right side and his muscles had become very stiff and sore, especially his shoulders.

Abbie manipulated his pelvis, gently because he has residual issues from a previous serious injury. She did some massage work and gave me a follow-up plan.

He was very much improved and after one further visit, a month later was completely back to normal. He has been fine since even though his follow-up programme was annoyingly interrupted by bad weather and also an abscess due to a small puncture wound. He has been back in full work since the beginning of March and is going well. I have been very impressed with Abbie's work with Jack.

Anne Anderson - Director, Wharfedale Equestrian, Guiseley"

"I had bought a project pony for myself as my mare was retiring. Something to have fun on and play with. I soon found that I was unable to put the work and love in that this pony needed. I pushed him too far at the beginning and he became a bit much for me to handle as he was a very clever, young pony. As we both got frustrated with each other, I distanced myself from the pony and as a result, he became out of shape. He slipped on concrete and was unable to stand square never mind walk or trot in an arena.
I decided to get Abbie out on the recommendation of my yard owner and she worked miracles. She was sensitive when he needed a break from the treatment and persuasive when he was being a typical cheeky pony. She aligned his pelvis and de-stressed his shoulders. I vowed to keep on with the work as she told me that if I didn't put the work in he would end up back in the same state. Abbie gave me exercises to do with my gelding, both from the physio ...side of horsemanship and then advice as a horse owner on riding, lunging and other exercises. After a week he was becoming more balanced and building muscle back up in the right places. The rearing and evading work had stopped and he was generally a calmer, happier pony.
3 weeks later Abbie came back for a follow-up and we could both see that the skeletal issues were near on sorting. He was less tense for abby to deal with and much more inquisitive of what she was doing, instead of being very uptight from pain as was experienced on the first visit. We still have a long way to go, but Abbie has given me great schooling exercises to do and so far so good. She checked the saddle and gave me advice on how to make it comfier for the pony as well as advice on feed that would support the other work going into him.
I would recommend Abbie to all horse owners and will continue to use her on a regular basis, if we were in pain we would go to a physio so do the same for your furry friends. Abbie has a great way with animals and is sympathetic yet practical in dealing with not only the animals but the owners to.
Thanks, Abbie"


Stephanie and Domino


I would highly recommend Abbie, she explains everything as she does it and is very patient with my mare when she gets her thoroughbred knickers in a twist!
I have had Abbie out twice to see my mare and she has helped her each time, also her aftercare advice is brilliant and easy to follow.

Kim Marie Stephenson & Belle


I recently had Abbie for my youngster after the treatment on my mare being so successful and a week later he is schooling a lot better!

Thanks again Abbie Smith Equine & Canine Back Specialist!
Lucy Anne Morgan & Bruce
Just a brief email to thank you for coming to see Harry last week and to let you know that he is much improved! He feels like he has had a new lease of life and is much more his old forward-going self.
I have been doing the daily stretches and massage of his front end as you suggested and he does seem less tight here now. He actually seems to enjoy the stretches!
We hacked out again both Saturday and Sunday and again, he seems much better. I am being very conscious of getting him back and engaged and when I ask for a change of pace, to use my seat to get him to start from behind. This seems to be working well and he has done some beautiful transitions into center - lifting his front end as his back end engages.
So, overall, looking good!
Thank you again for your help in treating him. I am very impressed at how effective it seems to have been. I will certainly be in touch again in the future if he needs further treatment and will happily recommend you to anyone else who needs this sort of help with their horse.
Clare and Harry 
I would like to say a massive thank you to Abbie for sorting out my horses back. Before she did him I had an argumentative horse that I was getting frustrated with trying to get ready for dressage and after he was a much happier horse and he went on to win his first three dressage events.
She did a fantastic job and will be using Abbie again in the future.
Annie and Mickey
Hi Abbie,

Would just like to say what a great job you have done to both Zeus and Tiggy!

You were quite possibly the first one to have touched Zeus's back as doubt he ever had anything done in Spain. With your brilliant calm manner he was as good as gold from the first moment. He has had 3 sessions with you now which have made a huge difference in the way he moves. He was so tight in his shoulders, withers and having a rotated pelvis that I didn't realise just how much sessions have changed him! In fact he really does enjoy the massage. He's not the easiest of horses when it comes to strangers but he really relaxes with you and that certainly shows what a great job you've done!

As for Twiglet the piglet, I couldn't believe how wonky he was before hand! It's great to also learn what to be 
looking out for to be able to catch any problems early. He is now managing to roll right over every time
he goes out again, which he loves to do and coming in twice as filthy. We are carrying on with his stretches
and neck massages which he is getting the hang of slowly. Again he was very well behaved to how strong
headed he can be. All that reflects on how much tension they release and how they enjoy it!

Will be in touch to get them booked in for 5 months time. Attached is a photo of Zeus looking rather pleased
with himself!
Thanks again! xx
Abbie has been doing Jacksons back now for around 6 months as i could not get him to go in an
outline. N
ow my man is out winning big shows with the right schooling and the biggest help of all  
from Abbie.
Thank You
Kelly Rothery and Jackson
Abbie was recommended to me by a well known equine back specialist and has had an excellent
impact on my dressage horse. She is more supple, softer through her back and has more freedom in her shoulders. Most importantly, she is comfortable. Abbie is knowledgeable, thorough and great to work with. I would definitely recommend her!
Sarah and Electra
Hello Abbie
Just to let you know that I took Java around the fields yesterday and she was like a car after a full service, not just an MOT: head up, forward going, even pace and very balanced.
Excellent work and thankyou very much.
I'll keep up with the neck massage and stretches to the forlegs.
Thanks- John and Java